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Health and Aged Care Architects, Designers, Engineers, Builders, Consultants, Building Surveyors and more ....for webinars, events & training click below


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Aged Care Facility Managers, Infection Control Nurses, Consultants, Clinical, Care Managers, Executives

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Past Events

Perth 5th July 2019

NCC Condensation and Mould Provisions 2019 

Breakfast and break 

2019 NCC Construction Changes relevant to Aged Care

Fire Safety Design Aged Care - Sprinklers and compliance for aged care facilities 

The Power of Acoustics for Causing Health 


Biophilic Design in Aged Care - The health benefits of building with timber

Lead in Plumbing products and water solutions for a healthier environment

Infection Control and Prevention in HealthCare Facilities 



Slip resistance in Aged Care flooring 

Standard 5 Organisations service environmnent

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