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Welcome to ADEB

Architects Designers Engineers Builders 


Jazcorp Australia ADEB (Architects Designers Engineers Builders) originated in 2009 under the visionary leadership of Managing Director Lynn Gabriel, with the organization's headquarters situated in Western Australia.

ADEB serves as a proactive liaison with Government representatives, Industry Experts, University professors, Law Firms, Associations, and Institutes.

The organization meticulously investigates industry challenges, incorporating changes in policy, standards, codes, and legislation. These insights are disseminated through nationwide events.

Throughout the year, ADEB conducts Continuous Professional Development Workshops, industry challenges, and seminars, ensuring that the ADEB Network remains engaged in ongoing learning, education, and information sharing.


Our Story (brief):

The inaugural Building Industry event in 2009 at Crown Perth, orchestrated by Lynn Gabriel, addressed the menace of the European House Borer affecting pine timbers.

The success of this event spurred further research initiatives and events held across Western Australia and the country.


ADEB's multi-discipline approach gained rapid industry acceptance, leading to the expansion of the ADEB event team under Lynn's guidance, now comprising over 18 staff in Western Australia and New South Wales.

Subsequent events covered various themes, including changes in the Energy Efficiency code,  Cladding changes,  Bushfire  Building Code and Planning changes,  National Construction Code changes, and seminars on waterproofing challenges and structural solutions. ADEB's collaboration with industry bodies and sponsors like Tremco ensured the presentation of practical, technical, compliant, and educational solutions.

ADEB's event portfolio expanded to address challenges such as cladding issues post the Grenfell Tower incident, structural concerns of the Opal Tower, and changes in the Disability sector codes. The organization hosted seminars on fire safety in multi-residential child care and aged care buildings, featuring well-attended events across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth.

Over 150 events, seminars, conferences, and workshops have been held since 2009, attracting a diverse network of professionals, including Building Surveyors, Engineers, Architects, Designers, Town Planners, Builders, Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Councils.

Partners and Speakers:

ADEB has collaborated with distinguished partners and speakers, including representatives from Doyles Construction Lawyers, the Australian Institute of Waterproofing, Ferm Engineering, CSIRO, Australian Industry Group, Standards Australia, Landcorp, Department of Regional Development and Lands, and more. 


As the National Program, Events, and Business Director, Lynn Gabriel has instilled a solution-based profile across Jazcorp's subsidiaries, ensuring a significant return on investment in terms of time, knowledge, business relationships, and commercial opportunities. ADEB meticulously designs and researches the needs of each state, legislation, and event concept, offering customized services, practical solutions, and educational programs.

The ADEB network has flourished, with thousands interacting and staying updated, educated, and informed across a broad spectrum. ADEB provides Seminar/Workshop/CPD Program Design services for associations, Event Management services, and CPD in-house booking services.


The organization collaborates with select suppliers, service providers, and manufacturers across Australia, with a dedicated team spread nationwide to ensure relevant information is provided to all disciplines.

All divisions of Jazcorp Australia, including ADEB, unite in their purpose to inform, update, connect, and educate.


The ADEB Network welcomes you to join and participate in our free events, fostering professional growth and industry knowledge.

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Lynn Gabriel

National Program, Events & Business Director 


1300 667 709



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