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Ballustrade changes 

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Thank you to all who attended the ADEB seminar on
Fri 25th August 23 

We were excited to see Balustrade Suppliers / Installers and Builders attend

We extend a special thank you to presenters Lauren Morris, Allan Shiell of Building and Energy Dept Mines Industry Regulation and Safety and Mark Viska, BCA Consultants for their wealth of expertise 

PDF Presentation copies are ready. Please forward requests to 

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The event focus was on Balustrades : Audits, Safety, Compliance and Design challenges

NCC Changes from 1 May 2023 AS1288:2021 Glass in Buildings – selection and installation

Changes to face mounted balustrades in NCC 2022.

Ballustrades : Audits, Safety, Compliance and Design 

Building and Energy carried out a General Inspection (investigation) looking at how balustrades are being represented in the building permit process.

This included interviews with balustrade industry participants to gain an understanding. 
The General Inspection identified instances of inadequate information being provided for barriers, including a lack of evidence of suitability.  

Inadequacies related to both the design and construction stages when detailing the proposed materials, assembly, installation and resistance to actions of barrier systems.
The design and construction of barriers is required to comply with the relevant Performance Requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC).  

This includes structural provisions and fall prevention provisions which safeguard people from injury. Should a barrier system fail to satisfy these provisions the consequences have potential to be significant. This presentation will highlight information critical to the design of  barriers and tips to improve installation . 


Keynote Speaker 
Lauren Morris
Dept of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety 


Lauren Morris 
Building & Energy Division 
Dept of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety 

lauren dmrs building surveyor.jpg

Lauren is a Senior Technical Officer in the Audit Branch of Building and Energy (DMIRS) where she has also held the role of Building Inspector. She currently forms part of a team undertaking compliance inspections to monitor the work and conduct of registered building surveying contractors.

Lauren holds a Graduate Diploma in Building Surveying and is a registered Level 1 Building Surveying Practitioner. Prior to her 6 years at Building and Energy, Lauren held Building Surveying roles in both the private sector and local government for 10 years.

mark viska.jpg

Mark Viska 
BCA Consultants 


Over (20) years experience as a Building Surveyor, working in both the private and government sectors.

Specialties: Certificates of Design Compliance, building approvals, BCA advice and assessments of all types of buildings (new and existing), building inspections, alternative building solutions, energy efficiency assessments, aged care assessments, fire safety audits, peer reviews. Specialise in commercial projects including aged care, health-care, retail, institutional, industrial and multi-residential.


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