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Why Join Our Membership?

Connect with a diverse network of local and national professionals, including Architects, Design Managers, Engineers, Builders, Building Surveyors, Manufacturers, and Suppliers across Australia. Stay consistently updated, educated, and informed 

Since our establishment in 2009, ADEB has been a leading force, hosting CPD Seminars, Events, and Conferences nationwide. We focus on addressing legal changes, impacts on various disciplines, building codes, standards, and more.

As a CPD, Event, Building Code, Standards & Training Organization, ADEB collaborates with Government Organizations, Associations, Institutes, Universities, and more. This ensures our events deliver high-calibre content, keeping you well-informed and engaged with diverse disciplines for a comprehensive understanding. This, in turn, enhances your project, design, and professional standing.

Guided by the principles of Information, Education, and Commercial Opportunities, ADEB has facilitated millions of dollars in specifications and numerous networking opportunities.


Our platform is designed to make a tangible difference to you, your business, and your projects. Join ADEB today for an unparalleled professional experience that goes beyond conventional networking.

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