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National Construction Code (NCC) training provided by Jazcorp Australia ADEB as set out by the Australian Building Codes Board  provides participants with knowledge about the changes to the NCC and the requirements which comprises of; the Building Code of Australia (BCA), Volume One and Two; and the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA), as Volume Three.


The NCC is a collection of the Performance Requirements for all classes of buildings and reflects the only legal requirements of the NCC.

Each volume pertains to different classes within the commercial, industrial and residential buildings, with the NCC detailing the different requirements for each building classification and is aimed at improving the consistency between building, energy frameworks and plumbing.

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includes Topics :  



Using the NCC 

•The NCC and its structure as a performance based code

•Complying with the NCC

•Performance Solutions and Assessment Methods

•Building Classifications

•The Language of the NCC and referenced documents

The NCC has undergone significant structural change to improve access, awareness and understanding. This included introducing consistent governing requirements across all three Volumes and changes to the format and structure of NCC online. NCC Volume Three has been redrafted consistent with a new information architecture that aims to improve access and readability of the document in a digital environment, as well as in preparation for a consistent volume structure in 2022.

NCC Volume One
- Overview of NCC Volume One
- NCC Volume one - Sections A to J 

Australian Regulatory Framework for Building and Plumbing
- Benefits of regulation
- The Australian regulatory framework
- An overview of The National Construction Code (NCC)
- The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB)

NCC Volume Two

- Overview of NCC Volume Two

-NCC Volume Two : Sections and Parts 


NCC Volume Three

- An overview of NCC Volume Three

- NCC Volume 3 Sections and Parts 

- A worked example of applying Volume Three

NCC A Performance Based Code 

Overview of the NCC as a performance based code

•Language used in the Performance Requirements of the NCC

•Performance Solutions and Assessment Methods

NCC Volume One - Disability Access

Application of the NCC

•Background and objective of NCC Volume One disability access

•An overview of the relevant-

•Defined terms

•Referenced documents

•Performance Requirements

•Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions


NCC Volume Two Energy Efficiency 

The structure of Volume Two

•Background to Energy Efficiency

•Energy Efficiency Performance Requirements

•Energy Efficiency Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions

•Example: Applying the Provisions

NCC Volume One Energy Efficiency

Background & objectives of the NCC energy efficiency provisions

• An overview of NCC energy efficiency provisions including relevant:

•Defined terms

•Performance Requirements

•Verification Method

•Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions

•An example of applying the NCC energy efficiency provisions for glazing


NCC 2019 upcoming changes


Volume Two Acceptable Construction Practice
Improvements have been made to the provisions of numerous Acceptable Construction Practices (ACPs), and new ACPs are being introduced for earth retaining structures, masonry, and attachment of decks and balconies.

Condensation management
Provisions to reduce the likelihood of risks associated with condensation within buildings will be introduced to help deal with potential health risks and amenity issues.

Roof-top spaces
New provisions clarifying the application of requirements to occupiable outdoor areas, such as occupiable roof-top spaces, will be introduced in Volume One.

Accessible adult change facilities
Volume One will include new requirements for accessible adult change facilities to be provided in large shopping centres, sporting venues, museums, theatres and airport terminals.

For NCC Volume Three, in addition to the quantification and readability changes described above, heated water temperature control, cross-connection control and rainwater harvesting and use requirements will be included. Additionally, some sections of Volume Three that were only enacted in a minority of States or Territories, such as on-site wastewater systems, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), and stormwater, will be relocated to the relevant State or Territory appendix.


Accessible adult change facilities
Volume One will include new requirements for accessible adult change facilities to be provided in large shopping centres, sporting venues, museums, theatres and airport terminals.



ADEB Lecturers hold over 30 years experience in Lecturing, Training, Building Surveying  and Assessing.

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