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Revised Australian Standard released in June AS1428.1 2021 –

Design for access and mobility general mobility general requirements for access – New building work

AS1428.1 provides building designers, practitioners, regulators, and owners with the minimum design requirements for new building work to enable access for people with disabilities.

This new standard replaces the 2009 version and provides further details and clarifications, including more examples of handrail terminations for stairs and ramps, as well as additional room layouts for accessible sanitary facilities.

These are some of the changes for AS1428.1-2009 to AS1428.1-2021:

  • Timber boards – installation requirements

  • Threshold ramps – a total length of 300mm from the face of the door

  • Walkway edges include kerb rails of 65-75mm high or 150mm high. Low walls of 450mm are no longer specified.

  • Handrail heights are allowed to vary on landings and include a 10mm construction tolerance

  • Handrail diameters are increased to 52mm to accommodate construction methods

  • Door reveals are required to have a max depth of 300mm

  • Viewing panel sizes in doors are defined

  • Grabrails can have a greater variation in height of 800-820mm

  • Backrest requirements and dimensions have greater details

  • Basins are allowed to intrude into shower circulation spaces as well as toilet pan circulation spaces

  • Fold down shower seats are implicitly referenced as acceptable to overlap in the toilet pan circulation space (not in fold up position).

  • Gradients of bathroom floors where a linear drain is installed are to be 1:50-1:90

  • Heights of shower outlets have a greater range

For the full AS1428.1 Suite please see

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