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NCC 2022 


The  National Construction Code (NCC) 2022 commences in NSW from 1 May 2023. Other provisions (e.g., energy efficiency) will commence from 1 October 2023. The new National Construction Code (NCC) 2022 became available from 1 October 2022.


The NCC incorporates the Building Code of Australia (Volumes One and Two) and the Plumbing
Code of Australia (Volume Three).
Most of the changes to the NCC come into effect on 1 May 2023, and include:
• Consistent structure and clause referencing system across all three volumes,
• New Housing Provisions Standard to support the new NCC structure,
• Amended provisions for the fire safety of external walls, including requirements that bonded laminate panels be mechanically fixed,
• Enhanced waterproofing and weatherproofing provisions,
• Enhanced provisions for residential energy efficiency and condensation management,
• New requirements to facilitate the future installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in carparks.
• Adoption of the latest edition, or updated editions of a range of Australian Standards and other referenced documents.

Livable Housing
NCC 2022 contains new requirements for livable housing, however, these provisions will not apply in NSW at this stage. Volumes One and Two of NCC 2022 include a variation that specifies that the livable housing provisions do not apply in NSW.
Residential Energy Efficiency
In NSW, the energy efficiency and thermal performance of new residential buildings is regulated by the Building Sustainability Index (BASIX). Increased BASIX standards will apply from 1 October2023.

NCC 2022 will be adopted by nationally on 1 May 2023.
Noting the pressures experienced by industry in recent times, State and Territory Building Ministers have agreed to transitional arrangements for the following specific requirements:
• New energy efficiency requirements commence 1 October 2023.
• From 1 September 2022 a three year transition period commenced to comply with the
lead-free plumbing product requirements and concludes 1 September 2025.

NCC Online has been updated to reflect the 2022 edition as of 1 October 2022, with PDFs of all volumes available for download from Printed copies will also become available for purchase from their commercial providers.
NSW NCC Timetable
The transitional arrangements will allow practitioners to continue using the relevant provisions of
NCC 2019, until the end of the relevant transition period.



It has since been agreed by the Building Ministers to delay the adoption of NCC 2022 until 1 May 2023 in recognition of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the impacts to industry during a difficult economic time.
The NCC was initially released in April 2022 and was updated in light of more recent decisions by the Building Ministers and provides advice to NCC users for alternative expiry arrangements.

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